Agenda 7th December 2021

The next meeting  of the Parish Council will be the Annual Meeting of the Council to be held at the Church Institute, South Elkington on 7th December 2021 at 7.30pm   You are hereby summoned to attend. 


Covid – Whilst the Government has relaxed the rules regarding general wearing of masks and social distancing, should any one wish to continue to wear their mask during the meeting please feel free to do so.




  1. Apologies for absence
  2. To receive any Declarations of Interests not previously recorded
  3. To receive notes of the meeting held 17th September 2021 and approve Chairman’s signature of those official minutes.
  4. To receive any updates from those minutes
  5. To receive any updates from ELDC/LCC representatives
  6. Financial  matters:
    1. To approve any payments due
    2. To consider budget for 2022 2023 and agree precept for same year.
  7. Correspondence
  8. Tree planting to mark the Queen’s Jubilee in 2022
  9. To consider proposals by LCC to reduce speed limit through Elkington – and receive any updates on information previously circulated.
  10. Planning
    1. To receive and comment on any planning applications received.
    2. To note any decisions received
  11. Any other Matters for general discussion/inclusion in next agenda

To set date and time of next meeting.