Agenda 27th July 2020


Clerk: Mrs J. Cooper

Rose Cottage

Asserby Corner


Alford, Lincs

LN13 9QR



The next meeting of the Elkington Parish Council is scheduled for Monday 27th July 2020 at 7.00pm at the Church Institute, Elkington to discuss the following business.

Please note the following Covid-19 advice:


  • Agendas and minutes will not be printed and circulated between Councillors, nor will they be circulated to members of the public.  Please print off your own agenda to bring to the meeting and take it away with you afterwards
  • Councillors must observe social distancing and not congregate inside before or after the meeting
  • One councillor and the Clerk to be responsible for wiping down tables and door handles before and after the meeting.
  • The meeting is to be as brief as possible to enable the pressing matters to be agreed.
  • Attached Risk Assessment to be noted and adhered to.

J. Cooper

Parish Clerk


A g e n d a


  1. Apologies for absence – to receive apologies and approve reasons for absence as appropriate
  2. To receive any declarations of interests in agenda items.
  3. To receive the notes of the meeting held 2nd March  2020 and approve the Chairman’s signature
  4. To receive update on actions taken since last meeting
  5. Financial –
    1. To approve any accounts for payment
    2. To agree and sign 19/20 audit papers;
      1. exemption certificate
      2. governance
      3. accounts
  6. To consider any matters for general discussion and items for next agenda
  7. To confirm date of next meeting